Jan. 27th, 2009

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So here we are, at the finish of the first full day of Being Off Work (weekends don't count, and even if they did, this weekend was shot anyway...), and I have only accomplished one (and maybe its more like 3/4) thing on To-Do list for the week.

Its number three, if you're curious.

What I have done:

- Slept in
- Played The Sims
- Took a nap
- Played The Sims
- Realized that I need to tape the power strip my laptop is plugged into to the wall, away from my feet
- Wondered if I was going to actually make any headway on my list
- Posted on LJ about how I haven't accomplished anything

I'm assuming, considering all the sleep I've gotten today, that I won't be getting up particularly early tomorrow; but I think I am at the crazy-making stage of how messy my room is, so I'm also assuming that I won't be able to put that off any longer. Luckily, things like "doing laundry" fall naturally from things like "clean bedroom". Another fairly natural assumption, at this point, is that after today, I'm going to be burned out on The Sims for the next couple days, so at least that shouldn't be a distraction. Right now, I'm aiming for Friday and Saturday out in the 'burbs at my dad's, but we'll see about that.

And now, in an attempt to grow back some brain cells, I'm going to go find a book, and read it. Even if it is one I've read a million times before.

There will be more updates on my list tomorrow. Just in case you care.


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