May. 13th, 2009

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Meet Barnslig.

Barnslig Kamel

Barnslig is from IKEA. Barnslig is Swedish. Actually, Barnslig's full name (on his butt tag), is "Barnslig Kamel", which actually translates as "childish camel" (according to here, anyway). I was thinking of calling him Barney, but... well, there's too much semiotical baggage around that one.

So Barnslig it is.

Barnslig has a very special place in my life.

You may notice that Barnslig is a very unique camel; to wit, he seems to have a case of Camel Pox. Since - unless pretty strong dye is used- his spots probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon, he really has a case of chronic Camel Pox.

So Barnslig and I have something in common- chronic health issues.

Therefore, Barnslig also has a very special responsibility in my life. Every time I am hurting or depressed or angry about dealing with a chronic pain condition- with no health insurance, no less- I will be turning to Barnslig. Hopefully, Barnslig will reciprocate, because I imagine being the only camel with chronic Camel Pox can't be easy. And I don't think he has insurance, either.

So, meet Barnslig.


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