Apr. 9th, 2009

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So what's the etiquette for a loaner computer?

On Tuesday, I finally had the inclination, time and means at the same time to take my laptop out to the store where I bought it. Some time ago, the DVD/CD drive on my computer stopped working. Like, just up and stopped. Like, when you opened up "my computer", there was no icon for the drive. I had got that computer at the end of July. I think this happened last fall sometime. And yes, I tried everything possible that you would do if your DVD drive stopped working.

Well, I just never had the time to get it out to the store- one down side to buying electronics more than an hour away from where you live. (Yes, we got it at Fry's.) But this week I was determined to take care of it.

It was still under manufacturer's warranty, so they sent it back to the store. But it turns out that we were brilliant when we bought it, and also got the 3-year extended warranty on it. I guess my record with laptops is catching up with me. And under the terms of the warranty, I get a loaner, if I ever need to be without my own computer for any period of time.

So today I set up the loaner computer. They gave me a refurbished laptop comparable to the features of mine. I thought that meant it was already set up and all that, but when I opened it and plugged it in, I found I needed to go through all the new computer setup stuff.

But my question is- what can I get away with installing on this thing? What is good manners? I mean, I did immediately download firefox- you won't catch me alive using IE. But can I put my Sims on it, for instance, as long as I uninstall it before I give the computer back? I do have means of backup, so getting files off this computer isn't an issue. But it will be five to eight weeks of being without my computer, so I'm wondering how at home I can make myself with this one.
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Previous entry rendered completely null and void by the voice mail I received just now from Fry's Electronics saying that it was just the optical thingy on the drive, they've reconfigured it, it now boots from a disk, and I can come pick it up anytime.

*headdesk* If I'd'a known that, I wouldn't have set up this damn loaner today, and just kept it in pristine condition! Oh well, sometime this weekend I will get my baby back, and we will ROCK AND ROLL!

Er. Ahem. I mean.



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