Mar. 30th, 2009

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So for those of you who haven't heard...

The purpose of doing this production of "Godspell", besides having a lot of fun, was to raise money for The Night Ministry. The goal was to raise $8,000; we were a tad dubious we'd hit that number.

After seven performances in just a little over two weeks, we got our final number:

**We raised over $12,000!!**

Last night's final performance was incredible. We all had a very infectious energy, and absolutely nothing went wrong (except for one guy who flubbed a bit of his speech, but he covered and recovered beautifully). The crowd was amazing- anybody who has been inside my church knows how huge it is, and it was packed. In fact, there were way more one-dollar bills in the offering plates here than anywhere else, which leads us to believe that there were lots of people who couldn't afford to give more than a few bucks- but they gave it anyway, which makes us even that much more grateful.

So it is over for now, although there is talk of a small revival sometime after Easter. My mom, who attended last night's performance, also spoke to the director about trying to bring it down to her church some weekend, and so far the response from the cast is extremely positive. But we'll see, after everybody is done with spring breaks, and Easter is over, and we can all breathe a bit.

You can see pictures at our website here. There are rehearsal photos, as well as photos from several performances.

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To Be A Pirate

I don't think this needs any further commentary at this time...


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