Jan. 18th, 2009

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**No peeking if you are going to be there to hear it!!!!**


I need to make a confession. Come out of the closet, to borrow a phrase. I mean, if I am going to have a full, open, successful relationship with you all, there is something you need to know about me.

I am a huge Star Trek fan.

I mean, I don't wear Spock ears, speak Klingon, or go to conventions. Okay, so I have seen almost every single episode of every Star Trek series ever made and all ten existing movies; have books on my shelves with titles like The Physics of Star Trek, The Ethics of Star Trek, and The Religions of Star Trek; and threw a party on my last birthday with a Star Trek theme. Oh, and we can't forget the sweatshirt made for me by a housemate that is crafted to look like a uniform jumper, the two sets of Star Trek pez dispensers I received for Christmas (one to use, and one to keep in the box), my Borg action figure, and of course, this lovely communications badge.


cut for length )

So what now? What happens when this sermon is over, when worship is done for today, when we go out into the world? What happens as we remember Dr. King, and crowd around the television set to watch President-elect Obama's swearing-in? Well, I think that we have little choice but to keep steering the starship, hope that the Alien Of The Week is friendly, and keep an ear cocked for God's call to us as disciples of Christ- see, this is where having a Lieutenant Uhura on board comes in really handy. And as faithful disciples of Christ, what is our course heading? To quote Captain Kirk quoting another beautiful piece of literature full of the wonderment of possibility, “Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning.”

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Today I realized exactly how much I have invaded my new church.

This morning I:

- sang in choir
- preached (and rocked!)
- received the music for the production of "Godspell" we are doing for Lent/Easter
- was handed the finance sheet to look at before my first council meeting on Tuesday


Its an Amy Revolution! w00t!
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For years, I really identified with Eeyore. In fact, I still have a really cute LJ icon of Eeyore with a rain cloud over his head. But somehow- maybe its maturity, who knows?- I outgrew my Eeyore phase, and while I still have a soft spot for him, I think I'm definitely more Pooh these days- silly, round and fluffy, and just being myself.

But I love Pooh, especially the original books, and the classic illustrations. If I ever have kids, I decided years ago that I would decorate the nursery in classic Pooh. I'll take about any incarnation of Pooh & Friends, though, even though part of me thinks each update gets dumber and dumber. But who can resist Pooh?


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