Jan. 4th, 2009

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Humor can be a very powerful tool of subversion. It can also be a big comfort to people in the time of stress- here, cross-reference Gallows Humo(u)r.

The Israeli Army dropped this flier over Gaza this weekend. I don't know an exact translation, but basically it is a recruitment flier for collaborators- those who would, usually secretly and anonymously, give information to the Israeli army and/or government about their friends, family, and neighbors who may be acting violently or suspiciously.

As the blog says, many have called in.... and not with tips.

Apparently there has been a rash of prank calls.

Ali Abunimah, of whom you all know I am a big fan, prank called them, recorded it, and proceeded to upload it to the internet, and share it.

It is all in Arabic, but there are those working on an English translation. But for those of you who are fluent in Arabic, here is the link.

I'm amused. I'm more than amused, I'm laughing hysterically.

My name is [livejournal.com profile] violachic, and I approve of this message!

**Edit: Here is a link to the English translation of the call**
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Since she moved in sometime last spring, Queen Esther Marie Peacock, Calico-in-Residence, has decided that my room is her room. She colonizes my bed whenever possible. Today is no exception.

So I'm on the computer. Kate, who is tidying up the dining room area, finds my sweater on a chair, and comes to return it to me.

"Where shall I place this, Amy?" asks Kate.

I respond, "Oh, just throw it on the bed", but I don't look around. I am engrossed in other things.

Twenty minutes later, I turn around. I find this sight.


I take a picture. It is too cute.

I turn back around. Esther is asleep under the sweater.


I take another picture.

And then I post to LJ. Because I have about 87 bazillion things to do besides take pictures of my cats and post them to LJ. But what are cats for, but posting pictures of on the internet? And what is the internet for, if not for posting pictures of your cats?


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